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= title t '.title'
%p= t '.quick'
%th= t :all, scope: 'activerecord.attributes.region.name_values'
%th= link_to 'RSS', events_path(format: :rss)
%th= link_to :webcal,
events_path(protocol: :webcal, format: :ics, only_path: false)
%th= link_to :iCal,
events_path(format: :ics, only_path: false)
%th= link_to :GeoJSON,
maps_path(format: :json, only_path: false)
- @regions.find_each do |region|
= link_to events_path(region: do
= t(region.code.present? ? region.code :,
scope: :countries, default:
%td= link_to 'RSS', events_path(format: :rss, region:
%td= link_to :webcal,
events_path(protocol: :webcal, format: :ics, region:,
only_path: false)
%td= link_to :iCal,
events_path(format: :ics, region:, only_path: false)
%td= link_to :GeoJSON,
maps_path(format: :json, region:, only_path: false)
#{t '.help',
tag: events_path(format: :rss, tag: 'toulibre', only_path: false),
daylimit: events_path(format: :ics, daylimit: '42', only_path: false),
near: events_path(format: :rss, near: { location: 'Rennes', distance: 20 },
only_path: false)}