Version personnalisée du projet mozilla/send pour le service
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Firefox Send Firefox Send


Docs: FAQ, Encryption, Build, Docker, Metrics, More

Table of Contents

What it does

A file sharing experiment which allows you to send encrypted files to other users.



To start an ephemeral development server run:

npm install
npm start

Then browse to http://localhost:8080


Command Description
npm run format Formats the frontend and server code using prettier.
npm run lint Lints the CSS and JavaScript code.
npm test Runs the suite of mocha tests.
npm start Runs the server in development configuration.
npm run build Builds the production assets.
npm run prod Runs the server in production configuration.


The server is configured with environment variables. See server/config.js for all options and docs/ for examples.


Firefox Send localization is managed via Pontoon, not direct pull requests to the repository. If you want to fix a typo, add a new language, or simply know more about localization, please get in touch with the existing localization team for your language or Mozilla’s l10n-drivers for guidance.

see also docs/


Pull requests are always welcome! Feel free to check out the list of "good first issues".




see also docs/


The android implementation is contained in the android directory, and can be viewed locally for easy testing and editing by running ANDROID=1 npm start and then visiting http://localhost:8080. CSS and image files are located in the android/app/src/main/assets directory.


Mozilla Public License Version 2.0