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# On OSX the PATH variable isn't exported unless "SHELL" is also set, see:
SHELL = /bin/bash
NODE_BINDIR = ./node_modules/.bin
export PATH := $(NODE_BINDIR):$(PATH)
# Where to find input files (it can be multiple paths).
# Where to write the files generated by this makefile.
OUTPUT_DIR = ./src/i18n
# Available locales for the app.
# Name of the generated .po files for each available locale.
LOCALE_FILES ?= $(patsubst %,$(OUTPUT_DIR)/locale/%/LC_MESSAGES/app.po,$(LOCALES))
GETTEXT_HTML_SOURCES = $(shell find $(INPUT_FILES) -name '*.vue' -o -name '*.html' 2> /dev/null)
GETTEXT_JS_SOURCES = $(shell find $(INPUT_FILES) -name '*.vue' -o -name '*.js')
# Makefile Targets
.PHONY: clean makemessages translations
rm -f /tmp/template.pot $(OUTPUT_DIR)/translations.json
makemessages: /tmp/template.pot
translations: ./$(OUTPUT_DIR)/translations.json
# Create a main .pot template, then generate .po files for each available language.
# Thanx to Systematic:
/tmp/template.pot: $(GETTEXT_HTML_SOURCES)
# `dir` is a Makefile built-in expansion function which extracts the directory-part of `$@`.
# `$@` is a Makefile automatic variable: the file name of the target of the rule.
# => `mkdir -p /tmp/`
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
which gettext-extract
# Extract gettext strings from templates files and create a POT dictionary template.
gettext-extract --attribute v-translate --quiet --parseScript false --output $@ $(GETTEXT_HTML_SOURCES)
# Extract gettext strings from JavaScript files.
xgettext --language=JavaScript --keyword=npgettext:1c,2,3 \
--from-code=utf-8 --join-existing --no-wrap \
--package-name=$(shell node -e "console.log(require('./package.json').name);") \
--package-version=$(shell node -e "console.log(require('./package.json').version);") \
--output $@ $(GETTEXT_JS_SOURCES)
# Generate .po files for each available language.
@for lang in $(LOCALES); do \
export PO_FILE=$(OUTPUT_DIR)/locale/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES/app.po; \
echo "msgmerge --update $$PO_FILE $@"; \
mkdir -p $$(dirname $$PO_FILE); \
[ -f $$PO_FILE ] && msgmerge --lang=$$lang --update $$PO_FILE $@ || msginit --no-translator --locale=$$lang --input=$@ --output-file=$$PO_FILE; \
msgattrib --no-wrap --no-obsolete -o $$PO_FILE $$PO_FILE; \
$(OUTPUT_DIR)/translations.json: clean /tmp/template.pot
mkdir -p $(OUTPUT_DIR)
gettext-compile --output $@ $(LOCALE_FILES)