Improve ActorInline component

Signed-off-by: Thomas Citharel <>
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Thomas Citharel 2022-04-19 17:35:05 +02:00
parent 4ee1efd4b9
commit 7275a530a2
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@ -1,16 +1,19 @@
<div class="actor-inline">
<div class="actor-avatar">
<figure class="image is-24x24" v-if="actor.avatar">
<div class="inline-flex items-start">
<div class="flex-none mr-2">
<figure class="image is-48x48" v-if="actor.avatar">
<img class="is-rounded" :src="actor.avatar.url" alt="" />
<b-icon v-else size="is-medium" icon="account-circle" />
<b-icon v-else size="is-large" icon="account-circle" />
<div class="actor-name">
<div class="flex-auto">
<p class="text-base line-clamp-3 md:line-clamp-2 max-w-xl">
{{ displayName(actor) }}
<p class="text-sm text-gray-500 truncate">
@{{ usernameWithDomain(actor) }}