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The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](,
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## 1.1.0 - 31-03-2021
This version introduces a new way to install and host Mobilizon : Elixir releases. This is the new default way of installing Mobilizon. Please read [](./ for details on how to migrate to Elixir binary releases or stay on source install.
### Added
- **Add a group activity logbook**
- **Possibility for user to define a location in their settings to get close events**
- **Support for Elixir releases and runtime.exs, allowing to change configuration without recompiling**
- Support for Sentry
- Added support for custom plural rules on front-end (only Gaelic supported for now)
- Added possibility to bookmark search by location through geohash
- Add ENV parameter to allow Docker users to specify the IP which Mobilizon listens on
- Add instance-wide ICS & Atom feeds of public events (disabled by default)
- Add user and profile secret (tokened) feeds
- Runit configuration files
### Changed
- Prune done background jobs
- Improved search form
- Improved backend error page
- Added a confirmation step before deleting a conversation
- The default configuration for Mobilizon now listens only on the local interface
- Creating an event from the group page configures the event creation interface with the group as organizer
- Only provide executables for unix
### Removed
- Support for Elixir versions < 1.11
### Fixes
- Fixed editing a group discussion
- Fixed accessing terms and privacy pages
- Fixed refreshing only groups which are stale
- Fixed success message when validating group follower
- Fixed formatted dates using system locale instead of browser/Mobilizon's locale
- Fixed federating draft status
- Fixed group draft posts being sent to followers
- Fixed detecting membership status on group page
- Fixed admin language selection
- Fixed geospatial configuration only being evaluated at compile-time, not at runtime
- Handle ActivityPub Fetcher returning text that's not JSON
- Fix accessing a group profile when not a member
- Fixed accessing the homepage with no location setting defined
- Fixed location field not showing in preferences if setting not already set
- Fixed lasts events published order on the homepage
- Fixed a typo in range/radius showing the wrong radius for close events on homepage
- Fixed hashtags disappearing from content
- Fixed close events order
- Fixed group posts edition
- Fixed validating new email with bad token
- Fixed `.well-known/host-meta` not being accessible with correct `Accept` header
- Fixed posts default publish date overriding remote ones
- Fixed getting a page description in some cases when creating a resource
- Fixed getting metadata from tweets when creating a resource
- Fixed bad handling of duplicate usernames
- Fixed handling of bad URIs to proxify
- Fixed creating discussion with title containing only spaces
- Fixed registering new user account with same email as unconfirmed
- Fixed handling changing default actor unlogged
- Fixed handling getting organized events from an actor when not authorized
- Fixed empty comments being allowed
- Fixed the number of group followers per page
- Fixed issue when selecting a location in your settings
- Fixed group feeds not showing when you are a member of the group
- Fixed handling feeds with unknown format
- Fixed a couple of issues when viewing a remote group
- Fixed issues with the attributed organizer when creating an event
- Fixed HTML entities not being decoded in icalendar exports and feeds
- Fixed instance follows being auto-approved
- Fixed parsing the IP from the MOBILIZON_INSTANCE_LISTEN_IP env variable for Docker
- Fixed release startup in Docker container
### Translations
- Arabic
- Belarusian
- Bengali
- Catalan
- Chinese (Traditional)
- English
- French
- Gaelic **New!**
- Galician
- German
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Occitan
- Polish
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Russian
- Slovenian
- Spanish
## 1.1.0-rc.3 - 30-03-2021
### Changed