12 Commits (chapril)

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Mayel f4736bd1b9
little things to setup & run tests (using docker) 9 months ago
Thomas Citharel 8310ae46cd
Restore Docker development 1 year ago
Thomas Citharel 8a4369b0f3
Add missing deps to Dockerfile 2 years ago
Cédric Van Rompay a7bb52e7b3 add missing deps in dev Dockerfile 2 years ago
prichier 3e19fe1fe2 Get back original root Dockerfile & gitlab-ci 2 years ago
prichier e945f48665 Add dockerfile and compose for production 2 years ago
Marc Bouvier bd56dd57c3 added file package to fix upload 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel 7b23ca6965
Improve docker setup 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel f90089e1bf
Refactor media upload 3 years ago
Vincent fb0e9c42f8 Add argon2 dependency in Docker 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel f8ed5cd779
Fix Docker setup and add back back an entrypoint 3 years ago
Vincent 323ea0dad9 Use alpine in elixir docker file 3 years ago
Thomas Citharel 6885c73aa8
Change configuration and docker compose 4 years ago
Thomas Citharel c4cfb081e7 Add docker-compose dev 4 years ago