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<div v-if="loggedUser">
<div class="setting-title">
<h2>{{ $t("Participation notifications") }}</h2>
<div class="field">
"Mobilizon will send you an email when the events you are attending have important changes: date and time, address, confirmation or cancellation, etc."
{{ $t("Other notification options:") }}
<div class="field">
<b-checkbox v-model="notificationOnDay" @input="updateSetting({ notificationOnDay })">
<strong>{{ $t("Notification on the day of the event") }}</strong>
$t("We'll use your timezone settings to send a recap of the morning of the event.")
<p>{{ $t("To activate more notifications, head over to the notification settings.") }}</p>
<script lang="ts">
import { Component } from "vue-property-decorator";
import { SnackbarProgrammatic as Snackbar } from "buefy";
import { mixins } from "vue-class-component";
import Onboarding from "../../mixins/onboarding";
export default class NotificationsOnboarding extends mixins(Onboarding) {
notificationOnDay = true;
mounted(): void {
notificationOnDay: true,
notificationEachWeek: false,
notificationBeforeEvent: false,
async updateSetting(variables: Record<string, unknown>): Promise<void> {
try {
} catch (e) {{ message: e.message, type: "is-danger", position: "is-bottom" });