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Thomas Citharel bba6629046
Better docs
4 years ago
activity_pub Add Activity Pub endpoints cache 4 years ago
export Add backend and endpoints for Feed Tokens 4 years ago
formatter Add Credo checks and refactor code 4 years ago
geospatial Add GeoSpatial backends for geocoding 4 years ago
http_signatures Add links to upstream Pleroma files 4 years ago
metadata Add JSON-LD schema 4 years ago
users Better docs 4 years ago
web_finger A few fixes comming from Dialyser 4 years ago
email_checker.ex Improve overall configuration and support 4 years ago
federator.ex Allow tag relations + bump ecto deps 4 years ago
metadata.ex Redirect properly to correct endpoint depending on content-type 4 years ago
xml_builder.ex Add links to upstream Pleroma files 4 years ago