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import type { IEvent } from "@/types/event.model";
import type { IGroup } from "./actor";
import { InstanceTermsType } from "./enums";
export interface IDashboard {
lastPublicEventPublished: IEvent;
lastGroupCreated: IGroup;
numberOfUsers: number;
numberOfEvents: number;
numberOfComments: number;
numberOfReports: number;
numberOfGroups: number;
numberOfFollowers: number;
numberOfFollowings: number;
numberOfConfirmedParticipationsToLocalEvents: number;
export interface ILanguage {
code: string;
name: string;
export interface IAdminSettings {
instanceName: string;
instanceDescription: string;
instanceSlogan: string;
instanceLongDescription: string;
contact: string;
instanceTerms: string;
instanceTermsType: InstanceTermsType;
instanceTermsUrl: string | null;
instancePrivacyPolicy: string;
instancePrivacyPolicyType: InstanceTermsType;
instancePrivacyPolicyUrl: string | null;
instanceRules: string;
registrationsOpen: boolean;
instanceLanguages: string[];