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import type { IEvent } from "@/types/event.model";
import type { IPerson } from "@/types/actor/person.model";
import type { Paginate } from "./paginate";
import type { IParticipant } from "./participant.model";
import { ICurrentUserRole, INotificationPendingEnum } from "./enums";
export interface ICurrentUser {
id: string;
email: string;
isLoggedIn: boolean;
role: ICurrentUserRole;
defaultActor?: IPerson;
export interface IUserSettings {
timezone: string;
notificationOnDay: boolean;
notificationEachWeek: boolean;
notificationBeforeEvent: boolean;
notificationPendingParticipation: INotificationPendingEnum;
notificationPendingMembership: INotificationPendingEnum;
export interface IUser extends ICurrentUser {
confirmedAt: Date;
confirmationSendAt: Date;
actors: IPerson[];
disabled: boolean;
participations: Paginate<IParticipant>;
mediaSize: number;
drafts: IEvent[];
settings: IUserSettings;
locale: string;
provider?: string;
lastSignInAt: string;
lastSignInIp: string;
currentSignInIp: string;
currentSignInAt: string;