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import type { Paginate } from "@/types/paginate";
import type { IActor } from "@/types/actor";
export interface IResourceMetadata {
title?: string;
description?: string;
imageRemoteUrl?: string;
height?: number;
width?: number;
type?: string;
authorName?: string;
authorUrl?: string;
providerName?: string;
providerUrl?: string;
html?: string;
faviconUrl?: string;
export interface IResource {
id?: string;
title: string;
summary?: string;
actor?: IActor;
url?: string;
resourceUrl: string;
path?: string;
children: Paginate<IResource>;
parent?: IResource;
metadata: IResourceMetadata;
insertedAt?: Date;
updatedAt?: Date;
creator?: IActor;
type?: string;
export const mapServiceTypeToIcon: Record<string, string> = {
pad: "file-document-outline",
calc: "google-spreadsheet",
visio: "webcam",
export interface IProvider {
type: string;
endpoint: string;
software: string;