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pitchum 319238e9d3 Add white SVG Chapril logo. 2023-01-21 11:51:40 +01:00
Christian P. MOMON 1d4d0f8c1e Added license file. 2020-12-31 16:05:23 +01:00
Laurent Poujoulat f60c0c1dc3 Make clear that it is a Nagios plugin and cleaner code 2020-07-01 14:40:14 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat 62f23dc0bf Minor comment change 2020-06-30 12:06:23 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat 6faa1ec942 Changed the way to check for updates. As the REST API is incomplete and
don't returns core updates (!), we
workaround that by calling occ update:check
2020-06-30 12:01:03 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat d20bf19da1 Fixed copyright year 2020-06-30 11:27:12 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat b68858713d Creation of the basis for the supervision monitoring script 2020-06-29 18:56:08 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat 30156e94c1 Fixed Nextcloud cron file to be executed on a 5min period instead of 15 min (#4464) 2020-05-08 14:31:52 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat 3b7e4ab03f Fixed ticket #4400: password policy should be explained to avoid too
many trials and keep the registration friendly.
This could be better, but this is all we can do without heavily changing
the registration app.
2020-04-29 15:17:10 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat 0296b4218b Addition of the used disk space (total and user) in the report. 2020-03-31 11:46:57 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat 404eb546ff Addition of the number of user files in the activity report 2020-03-31 10:26:00 +02:00
Laurent Poujoulat f253a16225 Utilisation de la clef du bot agir à la place de la clef animateur pour
la mise à jour des rapports d'activité.
2020-02-05 19:58:07 +01:00
Laurent Poujoulat 95a25cc946 Correction du mail d'enregistrement en format texte simple 2019-12-28 17:54:12 +01:00
Laurent Poujoulat aa86054750 Création du theme Chapril avec overrides pour les courriers
2019-12-28 17:52:47 +01:00
Laurent Poujoulat f39eecdc35 Correction du chemin du script de génération du rapport d'activité 2019-12-27 15:10:29 +01:00
Laurent Poujoulat 96e30089c1 Ajout des statistiques HTTP au rapport d'activité 2019-12-27 15:09:16 +01:00
Laurent Poujoulat 1703471425 Commit initial après réarchitecture du home de la valise 2019-12-27 11:17:05 +01:00