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# Version 21.12
- `create_room_with_opts`: Fixed when using SQL storage
- `change_room_option`: Add missing fields from config inside `mod_muc_admin:change_options`
- piefxis: Fixed arguments of all commands
- mod_caps: Don't forget caps on XEP-0198 resumption
- mod_conversejs: New module to serve a simple page for Converse.js
- mod_http_upload_quota: Avoid `max_days` race
- mod_muc: Support MUC hats (XEP-0317, conversejs/prosody compatible)
- mod_muc: Optimize MucSub processing
- mod_muc: Fix exception in mucsub {un}subscription events multicast handler
- mod_multicast: Improve and optimize multicast routing code
- mod_offline: Allow storing non-composing x:events in offline
- mod_ping: Send ping from server, not bare user JID
- mod_push: Fix handling of MUC/Sub messages
- mod_register: New allow_modules option to restrict registration modules
- mod_register_web: Handle unknown host gracefully
- mod_register_web: Use mod_register configured restrictions
- Add `delete_expired_pubsub_items` command
- Add `delete_old_pubsub_items` command
- Optimize publishing on large nodes (SQL)
- Support unlimited number of items
- Support `max_items=max` node configuration
- Bump default value for `max_items` limit from 10 to 1000
- Use configured `max_items` by default
- node_flat: Avoid catch-all clauses for RSM
- node_flat_sql: Avoid catch-all clauses for RSM
- Use `INSERT ... ON CONFLICT` in SQL_UPSERT for PostgreSQL >= 9.5
- mod_mam export: assign MUC entries to the MUC service
- MySQL: Fix typo when creating index
- PgSQL: Add SASL auth support, PostgreSQL 14
- PgSQL: Add missing SQL migration for table `push_session`
- PgSQL: Fix `vcard_search` definition in pgsql new schema
- `captcha-ng.sh`: "sort -R" command not POSIX, added "shuf" and "cat" as fallback
- Make s2s connection table cleanup more robust
- Update export/import of scram password to XEP-0227 1.1
- Update Jose to 1.11.1 (the last in hex.pm correctly versioned)
# Version 21.07