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%% https://docs.ejabberd.im/developer/extending-ejabberd/localization/
{" (Add * to the end of field to match substring)"," (在字段末添加*来匹配子串)"}.
{" has set the subject to: ","已将标题设置为: "}.
{" has set the subject to: "," 已将标题设置为: "}.
{"# participants","# 个参与人"}.
{"A description of the node","该节点的描述"}.
{"A friendly name for the node","该节点的友好名称"}.
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{"Add Jabber ID","添加Jabber ID"}.
{"Add New","添加新用户"}.
{"Add User","添加用户"}.
{"Administration of ","管理"}.
{"Administration of ","管理 "}.
{"Administrator privileges required","需要管理员权限"}.
{"All activity","所有活动"}.
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{"Automatic node creation is not enabled","未启用自动节点创建"}.
{"Backup Management","备份管理"}.
{"Backup of ~p","~p的备份"}.
{"Backup to File at ","备份文件位于"}.
{"Backup to File at ","备份文件位于 "}.
{"Bad format","格式错误"}.
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{"Current Discussion Topic","当前讨论话题"}.
{"Database failure","数据库失败"}.
{"Database Tables at ~p","位于~p的数据库表"}.
{"Database Tables Configuration at ","数据库表格配置位于"}.
{"Database Tables Configuration at ","数据库表格配置位于 "}.
{"Default users as participants","用户默认被视为参与人"}.
@ -119,12 +119,12 @@
{"'Displayed groups' not added (they do not exist!): ","'显示的群组' 未被添加 (它们不存在!): "}.
{"Don't tell your password to anybody, not even the administrators of the XMPP server.","不要将密码告诉任何人, 就算是XMPP服务器的管理员也不可以."}.
{"Dump Backup to Text File at ","转储备份到文本文件于"}.
{"Dump Backup to Text File at ","将备份转储到位于以下位置的文本文件 "}.
{"Dump to Text File","转储到文本文件"}.
{"Duplicated groups are not allowed by RFC6121","按照RFC6121的规则不允许有重复的群组"}.
{"Dynamically specify a replyto of the item publisher","为项目发布者动态指定一个 replyto"}.
{"Edit Properties","编辑属性"}.
{"Either approve or decline the voice request.","接受或拒绝声音请求"}.
{"Either approve or decline the voice request.","接受或拒绝声音请求."}.
{"ejabberd HTTP Upload service","ejabberd HTTP 上传服务"}.
{"ejabberd MUC module","ejabberd MUC 模块"}.
{"ejabberd Multicast service","ejabberd多重映射服务"}.
@ -194,10 +194,10 @@
{"Import Directory","导入目录"}.
{"Import File","导入文件"}.
{"Import user data from jabberd14 spool file:","从 jabberd14 Spool 文件导入用户数据:"}.
{"Import User from File at ","导入用户的文件位于"}.
{"Import User from File at ","从以下位置的文件导入用户 "}.
{"Import users data from a PIEFXIS file (XEP-0227):","从 PIEFXIS 文件 (XEP-0227) 导入用户数据:"}.
{"Import users data from jabberd14 spool directory:","从jabberd14 Spool目录导入用户数据:"}.
{"Import Users from Dir at ","导入用户的目录位于"}.
{"Import Users from Dir at ","从以下位置目录导入用户 "}.
{"Import Users From jabberd14 Spool Files","从 jabberd14 Spool 文件导入用户"}.
{"Improper domain part of 'from' attribute","不恰当的'from'属性域名部分"}.
{"Improper message type","不恰当的消息类型"}.
@ -249,7 +249,6 @@
{"Malformed username","用户名无效"}.
{"MAM preference modification denied by service policy","MAM偏好被服务策略拒绝"}.
{"Max # of items to persist","允许持久化的最大内容条目数"}.
{"Max payload size in bytes","最大有效负载字节数"}.
{"Maximum file size","最大文件大小"}.
{"Maximum Number of History Messages Returned by Room","房间返回的历史消息最大值"}.
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{"New Password:","新密码:"}.
{"Nickname can't be empty","昵称不能为空"}.
{"Nickname Registration at ","昵称注册于"}.
{"Nickname Registration at ","昵称注册于 "}.
{"Nickname ~s does not exist in the room","昵称~s不在该房间"}.
{"No address elements found","没有找到地址的各元素"}.
@ -326,6 +325,7 @@
{"Node ~p","节点~p"}.
{"Nodeprep has failed","Nodeprep 已失效"}.
{"Not allowed","不允许"}.
{"Not Found","没有找到"}.
@ -339,7 +339,6 @@
{"Number of Offline Messages","离线消息数量"}.
{"Number of online users","在线用户数"}.
{"Number of registered users","注册用户数"}.
{"Number of seconds after which to automatically purge items","自动清除项目要等待的秒数"}.
{"Occupants are allowed to invite others","允许成员邀请其他人"}.
{"Occupants May Change the Subject","成员可以修改主题"}.
@ -428,7 +427,7 @@
{"Restart Service","重启服务"}.
{"Restore Backup from File at ","要恢复的备份文件位于"}.
{"Restore Backup from File at ","从以下位置的文件恢复备份 "}.
{"Restore binary backup after next ejabberd restart (requires less memory):","在下次 ejabberd 重启后恢复二进制备份(需要的内存更少):"}.
{"Restore binary backup immediately:","立即恢复二进制备份:"}.
{"Restore plain text backup immediately:","立即恢复普通文本备份:"}.
@ -455,7 +454,7 @@
{"Search Results for ","搜索结果属于关键词 "}.
{"Search the text","搜索文本"}.
{"Search until the date","搜索截至日期"}.
{"Search users in ","搜索用户于"}.
{"Search users in ","在以下位置搜索用户 "}.
{"Select All","全选"}.
{"Send announcement to all online users on all hosts","发送通知给所有主机的在线用户"}.
{"Send announcement to all online users","发送通知给所有在线用户"}.
@ -519,7 +518,6 @@
{"The JIDs of those with an affiliation of owner","隶属所有人的JID"}.
{"The JIDs of those with an affiliation of publisher","隶属发布人的JID"}.
{"The list of JIDs that may associate leaf nodes with a collection","可以将叶节点与集合关联的JID列表"}.
{"The maximum number of child nodes that can be associated with a collection","可以与集合关联的最大子节点数"}.
{"The minimum number of milliseconds between sending any two notification digests","发送任何两个通知摘要之间的最小毫秒数"}.
{"The name of the node","该节点的名称"}.
{"The node is a collection node","该节点是集合节点"}.
@ -544,13 +542,12 @@
{"The type of node data, usually specified by the namespace of the payload (if any)","节点数据的类型, 如果有, 通常由有效负载的名称空间指定"}.
{"The URL of an XSL transformation which can be applied to payloads in order to generate an appropriate message body element.","XSL转换的URL可以将其应用于有效负载以生成适当的消息正文元素。"}.
{"The URL of an XSL transformation which can be applied to the payload format in order to generate a valid Data Forms result that the client could display using a generic Data Forms rendering engine","XSL转换的URL, 可以将其应用于有效负载格式, 以生成有效的数据表单结果, 客户端可以使用通用数据表单呈现引擎来显示该结果"}.
{"The username is not valid","用户名无效"}.
{"There was an error changing the password: ","修改密码出错: "}.
{"There was an error creating the account: ","帐户创建出错: "}.
{"There was an error deleting the account: ","帐户删除失败: "}.
{"This is case insensitive: macbeth is the same that MacBeth and Macbeth.","此处不区分大小写: macbeth 与 MacBeth 和 Macbeth 是一样的."}.
{"This page allows to register an XMPP account in this XMPP server. Your JID (Jabber ID) will be of the form: username@server. Please read carefully the instructions to fill correctly the fields.","本页面允许在此服务器上注册XMPP帐户. 你的JID (Jabber ID) 的形式如下: 用户名@服务器. 请仔细阅读说明并正确填写相应字段."}.
{"This page allows to unregister an XMPP account in this XMPP server.","此页面允许在此XMPP服务器上注销XMPP帐户"}.
{"This page allows to unregister an XMPP account in this XMPP server.","此页面允许在此 XMPP 服务器上注销 XMPP 帐户"}.
{"This room is not anonymous","此房间不是匿名房间"}.
{"This service can not process the address: ~s","此服务无法处理地址: ~s"}.
@ -565,7 +562,7 @@
{"Too many child elements","太多子元素"}.
{"Too many <item/> elements","太多 <item/> 元素"}.
{"Too many <list/> elements","太多 <list/> 元素"}.
{"Too many (~p) failed authentications from this IP address (~s). The address will be unblocked at ~s UTC","来自IP地址(~p)的(~s)失败认证太多. 该地址将在UTC时间~s被禁用."}.
{"Too many (~p) failed authentications from this IP address (~s). The address will be unblocked at ~s UTC","来自IP地址(~p)的(~s)失败认证太多。将在UTC时间 ~s 解除对该地址的封锁"}.
{"Too many receiver fields were specified","指定的接收者字段太多"}.
{"Too many unacked stanzas","未被确认的节太多"}.
{"Too many users in this conference","该会议的用户太多"}.
@ -656,7 +653,7 @@
{"You need a client that supports x:data to register the nickname","您需要一个支持 x:data 的客户端来注册昵称"}.
{"You need an x:data capable client to search","您需要一个兼容 x:data 的客户端来搜索"}.
{"Your active privacy list has denied the routing of this stanza.","你的活跃私聊列表拒绝了在此房间进行路由分发."}.
{"Your contact offline message queue is full. The message has been discarded.","您的联系人离线消息队列已满. 消息已被丢弃"}.
{"Your contact offline message queue is full. The message has been discarded.","您的联系人离线消息队列已满。消息已被丢弃。"}.
{"Your subscription request and/or messages to ~s have been blocked. To unblock your subscription request, visit ~s","您发送给~s的消息已被阻止. 要解除阻止, 请访问 ~s"}.
{"Your XMPP account was successfully registered.","你的XMPP帐户注册成功."}.
{"Your XMPP account was successfully unregistered.","你的XMPP帐户注销成功."}.