8635 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Badlop 7d8fa3c880 ext_mod: Support managing remote nodes in the cluster 3 days ago
Badlop 72944d895b ext_mod: Handle correctly when COMMIT.json not found 3 days ago
Badlop 00e6b0c97c Show allow_query_users room option in disco info (#3830) 4 days ago
Badlop a798a21386 CI: Remove syntax_tools from applications, as fast_xml fails Dialyzer 4 days ago
Mark Zealey 555ff2db4c
Add log_burst_limit_* options (#3865) 1 week ago
Paweł Chmielowski 9b647a7afe Skip connection exit message when we triggered reconnection 2 weeks ago
Paweł Chmielowski 2b3644c8ac Handle errors reported from begin/commit inside transaction 2 weeks ago
Paweł Chmielowski 3d329c7e8f Make connection close errors bubble up from inside sql transaction 2 weeks ago
Badlop 1ea53bf940 Add syntax_tools to applications, required when using ejabberd_sql_pt (#3869) 2 weeks ago
Badlop bc8050eb03 Don't bother with COMMIT.json user-friendly feature in automated user case 2 weeks ago
Badlop a38ed7fb2c Handle not found COMMIT.json, for example in GH Actions 2 weeks ago
Badlop 033656d70e Add WebAdmin page for managing external modules 2 weeks ago
Badlop 853f35c706 Remove nginx and libgd3, so the proper versions can be installed 2 weeks ago
Paweł Chmielowski 7b944444ce Catch mysql connection being close earlier 3 weeks ago
Paweł Chmielowski 73167ef1bd Make first sql reconnect wait shorter time 3 weeks ago
Paweł Chmielowski 43f36205bd React to sql driver process exit earlier 3 weeks ago
Alexey Shchepin 99d9e315a3 Don't set affiliation to 'none' if it's already 'none' in mod_muc_room:process_item_change/3 1 month ago
Linus Jahn e10c67a74a mod_mix_pam: Display joined channels on webadmin page 1 month ago
Paweł Chmielowski 991d52f019 Fix error reporting in 'make options' on OTP24+ 2 months ago
Paweł Chmielowski 06147deccd Don't register listeners that failed to start in config reload 2 months ago
Paweł Chmielowski 46c947bc76 Define batch delete function types in coresponding behaviours 2 months ago
Paweł Chmielowski a2efde185a Fix mam delete_old_messages_batch for sql backend 2 months ago
Badlop 382c3836af Runtime: Add Xref options to be as strict as CI 2 months ago
Badlop 6d39af7dd6 Runtime: No need for a specific mix erlang 25 job 2 months ago
Badlop a30d8c718f Update workflows to Erlang 25 2 months ago
Paweł Chmielowski a89b1f332d Use INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE for upsert on mysql 2 months ago
Badlop a6101cc26d Container: Set a less frequent healthcheck to reduce CPU usage (#3826) 2 months ago
Badlop 06a2b1c671 Container: Support to pass a fork repository as argument 2 months ago
Badlop 8d94ae4cb0 Container: Fix build instructions 2 months ago
Holger Weiss fbf43f2a31 make-binaries: Include CAPTCHA script with release 2 months ago
Holger Weiss b4c78336a6 make-binaries: Edit rebar.config more carefully 2 months ago
Holger Weiss c1ee86e85c make-binaries: Fix linking of EIMP dependencies 2 months ago
Badlop 5a2e58e066 Fix regression on stop_ping in clustering context (thanks to fdie)(#3817) 3 months ago
Badlop 0e25f8d43e Fix mod_conversejs crash when mod_register not enabled (#3824) 3 months ago
Badlop 75ffce0417 configure also when running "make update", which is similar to "make deps" 3 months ago
Badlop 34e1ddb66f Update "make help" with recent changes 3 months ago
Badlop 26e6bb4a17 Use "make deps", which performs additional steps (#3823) 3 months ago
Badlop 7850ce0ec8 Ensure deps configuration is ran when getting deps (#3823) 3 months ago
Badlop 7d16907296 Configure eimp with mix to detect image convert properly (#3823) 3 months ago
Badlop ddc457060b Improve "make clean" and "distclean" 3 months ago
Badlop 93f994d50a Generate start scripts in "make all", not in "make install" (#3821) 3 months ago
Paweł Chmielowski 75a771bfec Don't leak DESTDIR in files copied by 'make install' 3 months ago
Holger Weiss e6c1bf9c9a make-binaries: Adjust Mnesia spool directory path 3 months ago
Holger Weiss cac31f9325 make-packages: Include systemd unit with RPM 3 months ago
Paweł Chmielowski 99064548e8 Fix parsing of scram password from prosody 3 months ago
Holger Weiss 553a1ccadf Merge remote-tracking branch 'processone/pr/3813' 3 months ago
Holger Weiss 621445e096 make-installers: Support non-root installation 3 months ago
Licaon_Kter 432e97296c Fix typos in changelog 3 months ago
Badlop 4f8e6fe844 Fix errors and warnings for "rebar3 edoc" 3 months ago
Badlop 01b791c0fa Define license for hex.pm using SPDX identifier 3 months ago