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Badlop 45c7fbb5ae Switch "make rel" and "make dev" to paths: conf, database, logs 2022-05-02 13:17:53 +02:00
Badlop adbccbe852 New "make relive" similar to "ejabberdctl live" without installing
Prepare with:
  ./ && ./configure --with-rebar=./rebar3 && make
Or use this if you installed Elixir:
  ./ && ./configure --with-rebar=mix && make
Start without installing (it recompiles when necessary):
  make relive
It stores config, database and logs in _build/relive/
There's available the well-known script:

Please note this fails immediately:
This crashes a few seconds later:
Workaround that works correctly:
2022-02-03 18:21:47 +01:00
Badlop 91763bbc61 As Mix config now must be evaluated at runtime, rename to runtime.exs 2021-07-16 13:57:25 +02:00
Badlop 50f74c932b Replace Jabber->XMPP and Ejabberd (thanks to Neustradamus)(#3469) 2021-01-11 21:11:20 +01:00
Badlop d9cb6d1af7 log_rotate_date and log_rate_limit are deprecated since e4a8afb (#3382) 2020-09-22 13:58:56 +02:00
Mickael Remond 6dac0a602e
Fix syntax in Elixir config file 2019-04-12 10:40:46 +02:00
Christophe Romain 1ed788d00c Remove useless config file (#2665)
Config file should be generated at packaging/installation stage
/ejabberd.yml.example is the default template which can be used
as default configuration
2018-12-05 17:17:52 +01:00
Badlop 78d4e90d47 Remove references in configs to http_poll; it was removed in ba69c469b5 2018-11-12 14:26:00 +01:00
Ave d11d9db3d6
Fix another typo in ejabberd.yml 2018-11-07 14:44:27 +03:00
Ave 2001418edd
Fix tiny typo in configuration file 2018-11-07 14:41:16 +03:00
Evgeniy Khramtsov 3a5d2dbed8 Move mod_irc to ejabberd-contrib 2018-06-20 12:27:44 +03:00
Christophe Romain ef6af11f17 Rename mnesiadb 2017-12-27 12:42:55 +01:00
Badlop 32397aa0c3 Replace example config of drop_chat_states with queue_* in mod_client_state (#1985) 2017-09-06 13:48:33 +02:00
gabrielgatu 803270fc6b
Support for Elixir configuration file #1208
Contribution for Google Summer of code 2016 by Gabriel Gatu
2016-09-08 11:37:14 +02:00
Mickael Remond 06193d18b8 Better to keep config file in a different config directory 2015-09-02 17:02:09 +02:00
Mickael Remond 4ae7c81cfa Allow building ejabberd with Elixir mix and building and ejabberd OTP release 2015-09-02 12:49:19 +02:00