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"If allowed by organizer": "Se permés per lorganizator",
"If an account with this email exists, we just sent another confirmation email to {email}": "Se un compte amb aquesta adreça existís, venèm denviar un novèl corrièl de confirmacion a {email}",
"If this identity is the only administrator of some groups, you need to delete them before being able to delete this identity.": "Saquesta identitat es lunica que pòt administrar unes grops, vos cal los suprimir den primièr per dire de poder suprimir aquesta identitat.",
"If you are being asked for your federated indentity, it's composed of your username and your instance. For instance, the federated identity for your first profile is:": "Se qualquun vos demanda vòstra identitat federada, es compausada de vòstre nom dutilizaire e de vòstra instància. Per exemple, lidentitat federada de vòstre primièr perfil es:",
"If you have opted for manual validation of participants, Mobilizon will send you an email to inform you of new participations to be processed. You can choose the frequency of these notifications below.": "Savètz optat per una validacion manuala de las participacions, Mobilizon vos enviarà un email per vos téner al fial de las participacions novèlas de tractar. Podètz causir la frequéncia daquestas notificacion çai-jos.",
"If you want, you may send a message to the event organizer here.": "Se volètz, podètz daissar aquí un messatge per lorganizator de leveniment çai-jos.",
"Impossible to login, your email or password seems incorrect.": "Connexion impossibla, lo corrièl o lo senhal sembla incorrècte.",
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"Message": "Messatge",
"Mobilizon": "Mobilizon",
"Mobilizon is a federated network. You can interact with this event from a different server.": "Mobilizon es un malhum federat. Podètz interagir amb aqueste eveniment dun servidor diferent estant.",
"Mobilizon is a federated software, meaning you can interact - depending on your admin's federation settings - with content from other instances, such as joining groups or events that were created elsewhere.": "Mobilizon es un logicial federat, vòl dire que podètz interagir - segon los paramètres de federacion de vòstre administrator - amb lo contengut dautras instàncias, coma per exemple rejónher grops o eveniment creats endacòm mai.",
"Mobilizon is a free/libre software that will allow communities to create <b>their own spaces</b> to publish events in order to better emancipate themselves from tech giants.": "Mobilizon es un logicial liure que permetrà a de comunautats de <b>crear lor pròpris espacis</b> de publicacion deveniments, per dire de se liberar melhor dels gigants del web.",
"Mobilizon is a tool that helps you <b>find, create and organise events</b>.": "Mobilizon es una aisina que vos permet de <b>trobar, crear e organizar deveniments</b>.",
"Mobilizon is not a giant platform, but a <b>multitude of interconnected Mobilizon websites</b>.": "Mobilizon es pas una plataforma giganta, mas una <b>multitud de site web Mobilizon interconnectats</b>.",
@ -737,7 +739,7 @@
"The {default_privacy_policy} will be used. They will be translated in the user's language.": "La {default_privacy_policy} serà utilizada. Serà traducha dins la lenga de lutilizaire.",
"The {default_terms} will be used. They will be translated in the user's language.": "Los {default_terms} seràn utilizat. Seràn traduches dins la lenga de lutilizaire.",
"There are {participants} participants.": "I a pas quun participant | I a {participants} participants.",
"There will be no way to recover your data.": "I aurà pas cap de recuperar vòstras donadas.",
"There will be no way to recover your data.": "I aurà pas cap de biais de recuperar vòstras donadas.",
"These events may interest you": "Aquestes eveniments pòdon vos interessar",
"This Mobilizon instance and this event organizer allows anonymous participations, but requires validation through email confirmation.": "Aquesta instància Mobilizon e lorganizaire de leveniment permeton las participacions anonimas, mas aquò requerís una validacion per email.",
"This URL is not supported": "Aquesta URL es pas compotibla",