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"Anonymous participants will be asked to confirm their participation through e-mail.": "Òm demandarà als participants anonims de confirmar lor venguda via un corrièl.",
"Anonymous participations": "Participacions anonimas",
"Any day": "Rai lo jorn",
"Anyone can join freely": "Qual que siá pòt rejónher",
"Anyone wanting to be a member from your group will be able to from your group page.": "Qual que siá que vòl devenir membre poirà o far a partir daquesta pagina de grop.",
"Application": "Aplicacion",
"Approve": "Aprovar",
"Are you going to this event?": "Anatz a aqueste eveniment ?",
@ -416,6 +418,7 @@
"Manage my settings": "Gerir mos paramètres",
"Manage participants": "Gerir los participants",
"Manage participations": "Gerir las participacions",
"Manually invite new members": "Convidar membres novèls manualament",
"Mark as resolved": "Marcar coma resolgut",
"Member": "Membre",
"Members": "Membres",
@ -447,6 +450,7 @@
"New email": "Adreça novèla",
"New folder": "Dossièr novèl",
"New link": "Ligam novèl",
"New members": "Membres novèls",
"New note": "Nòva nòta",
"New password": "Nòu senhal",
"New profile": "Nòu perfil",
@ -599,6 +603,7 @@
"Read Framasofts statement of intent on the Framablog": "Legir la nòta dintencion de Framasoft sul Framablog",
"Recap every week": "Resumit setmanièr",
"Receive one email per request": "Recebre pas quun corrièl per demanda",
"Redirecting to content…": "Redireccion cap al contengut…",
"Redirecting to event…": "Redireccion cap a leveniment…",
"Refresh profile": "Actualizar lo perfil",
"Region": "Region",
@ -716,6 +721,7 @@
"The new email doesn't seem to be valid": "La nòva adreça sembla pas èsser valida",
"The new email must be different": "La nòva adreça deu èsser diferenta",
"The new password must be different": "Lo nòu senhal deu èsser diferent",
"The only way for your group to get new members is if an admininistrator invites them.": "Lunica manièra per que lo grop aja de membres novèls es que ladministrator los convide.",
"The organiser has chosen to close comments.": "Lorganizator decidèt de tampar los comentaris.",
"The page you're looking for doesn't exist.": "La pagina que cercatz existís pas.",
"The password provided is invalid": "Lo senhal provesit es invalid",
@ -729,11 +735,13 @@
"There will be no way to recover your data.": "I aurà pas cap de recuperar vòstras donadas.",
"These events may interest you": "Aquestes eveniments pòdon vos interessar",
"This Mobilizon instance and this event organizer allows anonymous participations, but requires validation through email confirmation.": "Aquesta instància Mobilizon e lorganizaire de leveniment permeton las participacions anonimas, mas aquò requerís una validacion per email.",
"This URL is not supported": "Aquesta URL es pas compotibla",
"This email is already registered as participant for this event": "Aqueste eveniment a ja una adreça electrica enregistrada coma participanta",
"This email is already used.": "Aquesta adreça es ja utilizada.",
"This event has been cancelled.": "Aqueste eveniment foguèt anullat.",
"This event is accessible only through it's link. Be careful where you post this link.": "Aqueste eveniment es sonque accessible via son ligam. Fasètz moment ont lo publicatz.",
"This group doesn't have a description yet.": "Aqueste grop a pas encara de descripcion.",
"This group is invite-only": "Aqueste grop es sonque sus invitacion",
"This identifier is unique to your profile. It allows others to find you.": "Aqueste identificant es unic a vòstre perfil. Permet a dautras personas de vos trobat.",
"This identity is not a member of any group.": "Aquesta identitat es membre de cap de grop.",
"This information is saved only on your computer. Click for details": "Aquesta informacion es solament enregistrada sus vòstre ordenador. Clicatz per mai de detalhs",
@ -805,6 +813,7 @@
"We use your timezone to make sure you get notifications for an event at the correct time.": "Utilizan vòstra zòna orària per nos assegurar que recebètz las notificacions per un eveniment al bon moment.",
"We want to develop a <b>digital common</b>, that everyone can make their own, which respects <b>privacy and activism by design</b>.": "Volèm desvolopar un <b>ben comun numeric</b>, que tot lo monde poirà sapropriar, concebut dins <b>lo respet de la vida privada e de laccion militanta</b>.",
"We will redirect you to your instance in order to interact with this event": "Anam vos enviar a vòstra instància per dire dinteragir amb aqueste eveniment",
"We will redirect you to your instance in order to interact with this group": "Vos enviarem cap a vòstra instància per que poscatz interagir amb aqueste grop",
"We wont change the world from Facebook. The tool we dream of, surveillance capitalism corporations wont develop it, as they couldnt profit from it. This is an opportunity to build something better, by taking another approach.": "Cambiarem pas lo monde de Facebook estant. Laisina que somiem, las entrepresas del capitalisme de susvelhança son pas capablas de lo produire, perque poirián pas ne traire profièch.",
"We'll send you an email one hour before the event begins, to be sure you won't forget about it.": "Vos enviarem un corrièl una ora abans la debuta de leveniment, per vos assegurar doblidar pas.",
"We'll use your timezone settings to send a recap of the morning of the event.": "Prenèm en compte vòstra zòna orària per vos enviar un recapitulatiu de vòstres eveniments de matin.",