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Elixir unit tests

Running Elixir unit tests

You can run Elixir unit tests with command:

make quicktest

You need to have ejabberd compile with Elixir and tools enabled.

Troubleshooting test

To help with troubleshooting Elixir tests, we have added a special macro in ejabberd logger.hrl include file: ?EXUNIT_LOG

To use this, in test file:

  1. in `setup_all, add:

  2. Enable log capture for the test you want to analyse by adding capture_log tag before test implementation:

    @tag capture_log: true

In the ejabberd code, if logger.hrl is included, you can code adds a EXUNIT_LOG macro:

?EXUNIT_LOG("My debug log:~p ~p", [Arg1, Arg2])