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Paweł Chmielowski a94209a0e0 Update stun and esip dependencies 2 years ago
Badlop ed5ba1f645 Update to 21.12 2 years ago
Badlop 1915f29d4b Update Chinese translation (thanks to Eric and 52871299hzy) 2 years ago
Badlop 333eaef6dc Update French translation (thanks to Éfrit and ButterflyOfFire) 2 years ago
Badlop d1bfd6c90d Annotate modules, options and command major changes in 21.12 2 years ago
Badlop ca143c1873 Update man page 2 years ago
Badlop e10f2a9e47 OTP 24 means whatever version provided by Actions... nowadays it's 24.1 2 years ago
Badlop 0f9a0156c6 Handle mix version when running docker-ejabberd/ecs/ latest 2 years ago
Badlop 68ea5834c8 Relax strictness in mix dependency versions 2 years ago
Holger Weiss 4a52042435 Merge remote-tracking branch 'processone/pr/3724'
* processone/pr/3724:
  Remove CTLLOCKDIR (/var/lock/ejabberdctl) from
2 years ago
Florian Schmaus 6b1f78e87a Remove CTLLOCKDIR (/var/lock/ejabberdctl) from
Flock'ing /var/lock/ejabberdctl by ejabberdctl was removed with
f7d4aae64d ("Use UUID for ctl node name (#1021)"), however the
according recipies in the Makefile where never removed. This commit
does that.
2 years ago
Badlop 3f4423e996 Use P1's coveralls-erl fork to handle unicode in git commit author 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 8d8a3177e1 Eliminate xref warning from last commit 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 7897c3d0e1 Add workaround for bug in older erlang version in rest module 2 years ago
badlop b173ec0a78
Merge pull request #3652 from weiss/bump-max-items
PubSub: Bump default value for 'max_items' limit
2 years ago
Badlop 7fd0eefa30 Run make options 2 years ago
Badlop dab4c0cc10 New allow_modules option to restrict registration modules 2 years ago
Badlop 0372878ba5 Minor improvements in conversejs documentation 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski ad3c91b86e Update mix deps 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 75b133d968 Update deps 2 years ago
Alexey Shchepin 89ad8a5502 Add mod_conversejs 2 years ago
Badlop 15d3ebb842 Fix Dialyzer warning, old passwd tuple don't match current tuple definition 2 years ago
Badlop 689749a563 Update Jose to 1.11.1 (the last in correctly versioned) 2 years ago
Badlop a590e81922 Add DIAGNOSTIC to rebar3 coveralls, this fails since some days ago 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 405a5172d5 Improve mod_multicast 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 97b8373fd2 Better version of dialyzer fix 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski bdd4e52699 Make dialyzer happy 2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 03817de827 Make s2s connection table cleanup more robust
Using monitors instead of doint that from terminate() makes us immune to
s2s handler processes being forcefully killed.
2 years ago
Paweł Chmielowski 132ebb8f2d Fix exception in mucsub {un}subscription events multicast handler
While those event are wrapped in mucsub envelope they doesn't
contain regular messages that require updating 'to' attribute,
so don't process in that same way as events with wrapped
message in them.
2 years ago
Holger Weiss 2cdda4cf49 mod_caps: Don't forget caps on XEP-0198 resumption
Many thanks to Thilo Molitor for spotting the issue and testing the fix.
2 years ago
Badlop 4e014d23bd Improve documentation of some commands 2 years ago
Badlop b6a2eeebeb Mention "help" as an available ejabberdctl command 2 years ago
Badlop 684ef60ec3 Annotate support for XEP-0317: Hats, since commit 5d0e599f1 2 years ago
Holger Weiss 6e3df8e80b Update 'stun' dependency
The new 'stun' release should improve UDP performance quite a bit.
2 years ago
Holger Weiss c4f6c9dfe7 mod_muc_room.hrl: Work around old Dialyzer bug
On Erlang/OTP versions older than 21, Dialyzer stumbles over non-empty
map type specifications for record fields (OTP-15098).
2 years ago
Holger Weiss 13cbd7c35d mod_pubsub: Remove unused check_opt_range/3 clause 2 years ago
Holger Weiss 65a900668c node_pep: Fix remove_expired_items/2 argument name 2 years ago
Holger Weiss 2f1611f918 mod_pubsub: Fix get_max_items_node/1 specification
Make it explicit that the get_max_items_node/1 function returns
?MAXITEMS if the 'max_items_node' option isn't specified.  The function
didn't actually fall back to 'undefined' (but to the 'max_items_node'
default; i.e., ?MAXITEMS) anyway.  This change just clarifies the
behavior and adjusts the function specification accordingly.
2 years ago
Holger Weiss 29dcc9b94c PubSub: Add delete_expired_pubsub_items command
Support XEP-0060's pubsub#item_expire feature by adding a command for
deleting expired PubSub items.

Thanks to Ammonit Measurement GmbH for sponsoring this work.
2 years ago
Alexey Shchepin 5d48329a3f Update 'xmpp' dependency 2 years ago
Alexey Shchepin 5d0e599f17 Support MUC hats (XEP-0317, conversejs/prosody compatible) 2 years ago
Badlop 5462a26a0a Remove obsolete cookie preparation in spool dir, it's now stored in HOME 2 years ago
Badlop 5f3c8dcca4 Use the configured user in systemd's ejabberd.service 2 years ago
Badlop 54c23a65db Fix create_room_with_opts when using SQL storage (#3700) 2 years ago
Badlop 4d384b6bf5 If tests succeed, test also new SQL schema 2 years ago
Badlop c2db003431 When tests fail, show also error.log as it may have meaningful content 2 years ago
Badlop d3aa329769 Fix vcard_search definition in pgsql new schema (thanks to Stu Tomlinson)(#3695)
How to update an existing database:
ALTER TABLE vcard_search DROP CONSTRAINT vcard_search_pkey;
ALTER TABLE vcard_search ADD PRIMARY KEY (server_host, lusername);
2 years ago
Badlop db920b7d7b Only install some files when option enabled in configure (#3633) 2 years ago
Holger Weiss 6b0fa44386 Update 'xmpp' dependency
Fixes #3529.
2 years ago
Badlop 964cb3aaca Github Actions: use MD5 pass encryption to support PostgreSQL 14 (#3691) 2 years ago